DeBlobs Online

I was Art Director, Concept Designer, and supported production on this project while working at Balanced Worlds, Beijing. The rights to DeBlob and related copyrights and trademarks are owned by the respective holders. My use of the marks is only to show my personal work product done while under contract on the projects.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

I was involved at the early stages of this project from the initial Powerpoint pitch deck for greenlight, to art direction, game mechanic ideations, and art team building.

Bomb Buddies

Bomb Buddies is a free-to-play Bomberman style game on Facebook and PC. I art directed the project and provided concepts and VFX support. In addition, I also designed the Balanced Worlds logo and made the intro sequence from concept to completion. The 3D logo was done by one of our modellers.

Fat Princess

This animation was made for Sony Santa Monica Studio's Fat Princess themed logo sequence, at the start of the PSP version of the game. I created this from ideation to the end (model, texture, rig, and animation). This project was also made in collaboration with Plastic Studios, the Datura guys. See the sketches the Miscellaneous section here.

Calling All Cars!

Here's a trailer for "Calling All Cars!" (PS3 Downloadable). My role on the project was to define a visual style for the game.

Here's an early facial experiment animation made out of rigged textures.

Warhawk: Omega Dawn (Dropship Animatics)

Here are some prototyping animations I've produced for Warhawk: Omega Dawn (PS3 Downloadable).